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Museumship Vlotburg Castle in Nijkerk 600 year. starts on 30.08. till 16.09.2013
Castle Museum Ship comes in Nijkerk these two weeks and there is also at the 8th Nijkerk Tugs and special guest for the 600 anniversary of Nijkerk.

The city of Nijkerk
The Grote Kerk (Great Church) in NijkerkThe name Nijkerk stems from Nieuwe Kerk (Dutch for New Church). This new church was built when the old chapel was destroyed by fire in 1221. Nijkerk was strategically located between the Duchy of Guelders (Dutch: Hertogdom Gelre) and the Bishopric of Utrecht. Because of this strategic location Nijkerk regularly was the scene of war, and in 1412 the village was completely destroyed. It was restored and Nijkerk received city rights in 1413. In 1421 the church that gave Nijkerk its name burnt down and was replaced; this happened several times, until a new church was built in the 18th century which still stands today. The organ in this church was built in 1756.

In the 18th century Nijkerk was a flourishing merchant city. Several inhabitants traveled to the New World, such as Arent van Curler and Kiliaen van Rensselaer and founded new cities.  

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