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Museum Ship in Kehl starts on 14.05. till 04.06.2007
Location: Brücke der zwei Ufer near Ludwig von Trick Straße

The village of Kehl was first mentioned 1038. In 1338 the first permanent bridge between Kehl and Strasbourg was completed. In 1678 the city was taken over by France and being considered as a part of the defence system of Strasbourg. Hence the village was transformed into a fortress in 1683 by the French architect Vauban. In 1774 - again ruled by the House of Baden - Kehl received town ordinances and privileges by the margrave Karl Friedrich von Baden. After several changes of the sovereigns (France, Baden and Austria) the city was finally returned to Baden in 1815 and the fortress was dismantled.

In 1861 the first railway bridge was built and the first direct connexion from Paris to Vienna was established. Required changes of trains were performed in Kehl.

After the Battle of France Kehl was turned into a suburb of Strasbourg. This state continued until 1953 when the city was returned to the Federal Republic of Germany.

Quelle: www.wickipedia.de